Kelsey is a senior postdoctoral associate in the Harrison lab. In April 2019, she completed her PhD at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia focusing on the design of the Australian marine protected area (MPA) network and its capacity to protect biodiversity. This research involved using spatial and ecological modelling to quantify the representation of and connectivity among MPAs in Australia, as well as the distribution and impacts of pressures on the Australian marine environment. Her research techniques include using spatial and movement analyses linked to environmental covariates to understand the distribution and behavior of marine species, primarily fish and marine turtles. Her current research focuses on potential benefits and risks of implementing geoengineering (e.g., stratospheric aerosol injection, marine cloud brightening, carbon dioxide removal) on marine ecosystems.


  • Marine spatial management
  • Marine ecology
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Fisheries


  • PhD, Conservation Biology, 2019

    Monash University

  • MS, Environmental Science and Policy, 2013

    University of South Florida