Dr. Lili Xia is a Research Associate at Rutgers University working with Dr. Alan Robock. She has been working on simulating sulfate injection geoengineering using climate models and focusing on estimating climate change impact on agriculture, ecosystem, and air pollutants (e.g. surface ozone) under geoengineering. She actively collaborates with the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP) and the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement (AgMIP), to introduce geoengineering to the crop modeling community as one of the future climate scenarios. She serves as the Steering Committee member in the Geoengineering Modeling Research Consortium (GMRC) and is on the Scientific Advisory Team of the Developing Country Impacts Modeling Analysis for SRM (DECIMALS) Fund. She is also interested in the interaction between land and atmosphere through biosphere. Another project Dr. Xia is working on is to evaluate global agriculture impact from a simulated regional nuclear conflict.


  • Vegetation-Atmosphere Interaction
  • Climate Intervention (Geoengineering)
  • Nuclear Winter


  • PhD, Atmospheric Science, 2014

    Rutgers University

  • Atmospheric Scienc, 2012

    Rutgers University

  • BA, Geography, 2004

    Peking University